Philip Kingsley products are formulated by the world’s leading trichologists. Their hair and scalp experts are dedicated to creating products that make your hair healthy and beautiful.

The Philip Kingsley approach states that your hair care regime should be based on three factors:

  1. Your natural hair texture
  2. Processing e.g. colouring, heat styling
  3. Length of your hair

Hair Texture Guide

Use the guide below to select the right Philip Kingsley products and regime for your hair. Order the products you need by filling out the form on our Contact page. Clicking on each product below will take you to the US Philip Kingsley website where prices are quoted in US. The prices you see on the US Philip Kingsley website are retail prices and not wholesale prices. ALA Distributors Ltd. offers competitive wholesale prices on all Philip Kingsley products.

A – For shorter than shoulder length and/or little or not heat processing.
B – For longer than shoulder length and/or regular heat processing.

Fine, limp or flyaway hair feels thin in texture and lacks natural body and bounce. Fine hair can be straight or wavy and is typical of Caucasian hair types.

Medium hair is usually plentiful and does not lack in volume. It can be straight or wavy and often requires moisture at the ends.

Coarse hair can be rough in texture and it may feel like you have a lot of it. It’s likely to be hard to control and can be straight or curly and frizzy. This includes Asian hair, natural red heads and mixed race hair.

Elasticizer Extreme: once a week
Re-Moisturizing Shampoo
Re-Moisturizing Conditioner
Scalp Toner

Elasticizer Extreme: twice a week
Re-Moisturizing Shampoo
Re-Moisturizing Conditioner
Scalp Toner

Most African-Caribbean hair feels very coarse in texture and includes those with extremely porous, tight curls and all variations of African-Caribbean, African and some Middle Eastern Mediterranean hair types. It is very hard to control and lacks smoothness and shine.

These products focus on specific hair and scalp concerns, and are suitable for all hair textures.

Speciality shampoos and conditioners:

Flaky/Itchy Scalp Shampoo
No Scent No Colour Shampoo
Pure Silver Shampoo

PK Kids Shampoo & Body Wash
No Scent No Colour Conditioner
Pure Silver Conditioner